Informe global de Internet 2014

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Internet Society lanzó su Informe Global de Internet 2014, donde se resaltó los beneficios de una Internet abierta y sostenible. Para descargar el mismo pulse aquí.


ICANN No. 49 Singapore 23-27 Marzo 2014

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Del 23 al 27 de marzo de 2014, se estará celebrando en Singapore la Reunión #49 de ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Es importante que sigamos con detenimiento las decisiones importantes que se tomarán sobre la gobernanza de Internet. ¡ISOCPR dice presente!

Para participar de forma remota, seleccione el siguiente enlace:


Internet Strong

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Puerto Rico Broadband Taskforce 2012 Strategic Plan

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The Puerto Rico Broadband Taskforce’s Broadband Strategic Plan is a comprehensive plan, which aims to boost broadband access, adoption and use, which will help shape Puerto Rico’s digital future.

The Broadband Strategic Plan addresses both demand and supply-side challenges, with three inter-related goals:

  • Access – Ensuring waves of investment to infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for broadband by all citizens, businesses, government, and community anchor institutions.
  • Adoption – Ensuring universal adoption of broadband services-either mobile or fixed-by all citizens, and businesses.
  • Utilization – Ensuring that all communities-particularly community anchor institutions such as schools, hospitals, and clinics-are increasingly using broadband technology to pursue economic opportunity and sustainability, helping improve government services, and leverage educational and e-Health resources.

Click here to download the full report.


Watch the Official Launching
(previously recorded in Español)